Private house in neve yarak

location: habrosh street, neve yarak

floor area: 260 sqm ,the plot area 700 sqm

The house underwent a thorough renovation – the main guideline:
A warm and pleasant home suitable for a loving family with emphasis on peaceful and quiet spaces.
A various combinations of seating areas suitable for ultimate hosting, maximum connection with outdoor and garden areas, sound system design for all areas.
A combination of natural materials in most parts of the house.
Tuscan aroma in the air.

Penthouse in Greek market-jaffa

Location: Ben Zoma, a Greek market – jaffa

Floor Area: 100 sqm + terrace 100 sqm+ porches

The apartment was originally ‘ the ring ‘ which became a magical Kingdom. New York-scented apartment, industrial atmosphere cool and warm. Emphasis was placed on the roof to create an atmosphere of a garden in the city. Magic Yafo combined taste of the owners

Nehama in Jaffa

Location: Nehama st, Jaffa-Tel Aviv

Floor area: 170  sqm, family apartment

The new interior was based on the original spaces opening toward a central space.
An emphasis on light, air and flow between the spaces.

Garden apartment in flea market-jaffa

Location: Yehuda margoza Street flea market.

Floor Area: 100 sqm + 60 sqm yard

Originally a garden contractor and dry standardized. Total transfer. Planning in relation to the existing space, and create a connection to the patio to the living room and kitchen. Most natural ingredients and combine the Yafo views.

Penthouse in Nikanor gates – jaffa

Location: Maronite neighborhood-jaffa

Floor Area: 105 sqm + 60 sqm terraces

Penthouse apartment in new building three tenants in historic Maronite neighborhood in Jaffa.
Apartment standard contractor originally, which underwent a massive renovation to become industrial loft apartment.
Natural connection and runs to the apartment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and is furnished as inside That creates a connection and Magical continuity.

The House in Pushkin st.

Location: Pushkin, Dante area – Jaffa

Floor area: 105 sqm + 30 sqm patio – family Apartment

Eclectic building from the 1930’s.  An original apartment undergone preservation and complete renovation – matching the needs of the tenants while maintaining and ensuring the original details, and creating a constant flow between rooms. The inspiration that guided us during the renovation came from the trial of Mies van der Rohe, architect: “We must be as familiar with the functions of our building as with our materials. We must learn what a building can be, what it should be, and also what it must not be”.

Neve Tzedek

Location: Amzaleg st, Neve Tzedek — Tel Aviv

Floor space: 100  sqm + 25  sqm patio — family apartment

Removing existing partitions to create a common space of public functions — a living room and a kitchen, and three living rooms in an extra level with an emphasis on comfort and privacy.
A modernist style apartment with a scent of a New York loft.

Neve Tedek – part II

location: Amzaleg st, Neve Tzedek – Tel Aviv

basement area: 40 sqr mr floor area: 100 sqr mr + 25 sqr mr patio – family apartment

Family apartment in Neve Tzedek, which was designed in 2 phases. Design of the apartment was conducted four years ago. Today, completed the design of the basement. The basement is used as a games and TV room, in a separate level .

Casa Nova Luxury Suites & Boutique Apt. – Hotel – the suites

Casa Nova Luxury Suites & Boutique Apt. – Hotel – public areas

Location: Netiv Hamazalot 6, Old Jaffa

Floor area: 365 sqm + 200 sqm balconies.

Casa – Nova is located at the entrance to Jaffa port. The building was built in 1654 by the Franciscan order, and originally served as a hostel for the monks before their trip to Jerusalem. The existing structure of arches and domes guided the internal division. Renovation and restoration were made ​​from the utmost care in order to preserve the present, revive the past and  harmoniously integrate with the simplicity and convenience of progress .The hotel apartments are composed from six unique luxury suites, each inspired by characters from the history of the place.

Lofts in the Greek market-jaffa

Location: Ben dosa,

Floor area: 90 sqm

Old building which the ground floor is made up of two triangles, subject of the pitch.
Derelict space that went from massive face-lift, three industrial lofts available to residential and craft artists.
Dealing with problematic  space diagonals and sources building  non cannot change Disadvantages become advantages

Mickiewicz Loft

location: Yafo my love

floor space: 55 sqm

In an eclectic building from the 1930s, an old apartment was found, neglected and dark.

Through thinking and creativity, accuracy and faith, and taking into account the limited budget and time,

the property underwent a dramatic change and became a spectacular loft, full of lounging areas.
The pictures speak for themselves.

Lehem Erez Cafe

Location: Givat Tal  – Rosh Haain

Floor area: 120 sqm

As part of the coffee chain ‘Lehem Erez’, the space is designed according to network’s design outline, while ensuring a pleasant and homely feel, natural light and flow between the interior areas to the outside territory.


Nahardea project

Location: Nehardea st. Tel Aviv

Floor area: 140 sqm

In the old north of Tel Aviv, an apartment that has undergone a complete renovation according to the needs of the family –

separation between the public spaces to the residential area, and creating a balcony in the existing space.


The House In Tzahalon Neighborhood

Location: Tzahalon neighborhood, Jaffa – Tel Aviv

Floor area: 125  sqm + 80  sqm terrace + 200 sqr mr yard

Agency apartment from the 1950s which went through a complete renovation and addition construction.
The central space is wide & dynamic, leading to the different rooms of the house.
Ground floor – living spaces, higher floor – Studio working with a roof terrace.


location: Hashachaf St, Jaffa-Tel Aviv

floor area: 2 stories 60 sqm + 25  sqm patio + 30 sqr roof terrace – family house

A new charm was created in a two-family house in the prestigious Maronite neighborhood in Jaffa.
Limited living space & various construction restrictions — demanded precise and impeccable planning of spaces for the young family.

Casa-Nova House Jaffa

Location: Netiv Hamazalor, Old Jaffa

Floor area: 140  sqm.

“Casa-Nova” faces the Andromeda rock that emerges from the sea. It was built in 1654 by Franciscan monks. The arches, domes and tremendous spaces and high ceilings were preserved in it for centuries. The apartment portrays an attempt to preserve the present and revive the past.

The New Gallery

Location: Hazorfim st, Old Jaffa

Floor space: 400  sqm

20th century modern design gallery ‘The New Gallery’ operated in the years 2004-2009 in an original Ottoman building in Old Jaffa and was owned by Sami Shalom Knafo and Hadas Hermesh. Full restoration of the space was made and designed by Sami. Original furnishing and accessories were gathered from around the world, brought to Israel to be reconstructed and renovated. Along with the sale of the items, exhibits were presented and small private events were held.

Loft Ben-Gamliel

Location: Ben Gamliel st, Jaffa-Tel Aviv

Floor area: 65  sqm + 35  sqm gallery residential loft

Loft converted warehouse that combines a studio with sleeping. Restoring original openings for light and air, while utilizing a maximum of space.

The Dror – Jaffa

Location: Dror st. Jaffa-Tel Aviv

Floor area: 100 sqm + 20 sqm terrace

Original Bauhaus building which has undergone restoration and addition construction.  The apartment was an ordinary contractor apartment which has undergone a dramatic change – opening spaces to create an inviting lofty space. A combination of classic and modern furniture with art and design.

My Old Studio

Location: Kikar Kdumim st, Old Jaffa

Floor space: 60 sqm

Interior Design & Architecture studio & original furniture In my former studio in old Jaffa, in addition to projects, I dealt with renovating and restoration of original 20 century furniture, that were collected in different places in Europe and the US.

Loft Ben Horkanus

Location: Ben Horkanos, Jaffa-Tel Aviv — Loft A

Floor area: 45 sqm + 25  sqm gallery residential loft

Loft converted warehouses in a traditional Arabic style building from 1929.
Restoration of façades and original iron elements for light and air, while utilizing a maximum of space.

House of art and collectibles

Location: Brazil Street, Ramat Aviv – tel aviv

Area: 120 sqm + balcony 14 sq. overlooking the sea…

Tenants: art collector and a pilot

Originally was a standard full diagonals apartment when the goal was straight lines and produce clean and homogeneous space you can get love all furniture and antique details.
Iron Library specially designed scaffolding, concrete flooring collections/nationalizes spaces including a balcony and bathrooms, clean and flow uniformity.
Wooden carpentry in song (birch) handles manufactured iron and basalt stone for wall tiles.
Distribution: common living space half open kitchen + room service hidden doors joinery, separated into bedrooms and the bathroom cleanliness and non-intervention in the internal architecture, work with minimal materials gave nothing to the wealth and collectors items

kehilate Warsaw -Tel Aviv

Location: kehilate Warsaw ,Tel Aviv

Surface: 95 sqm + 40 sqm + garden patio 15 m2 back

The apartment was very neglected has 2 directions only.
The goal was to produce 3 bedrooms + bathroom kitchen and living room.
Planning of a millimeter space carefully designed rectangular, open the light used for all bedroom out to patio, located in front of the open kitchen living space with exit to a patio below a bedroom separated by a Belgian that opens into space when needed and allows you to see all the spaces with garden patio and maximizing space and the feeling of a private house